31st Septembers weeks round up….


Another great week of rugby but not exactly the result we were expecting for England! But it’s not over yet!!

We started the week really well getting great turnouts from Wednesday where we opened early for three great games.

Scotland earning their first win over Japan, Australia beating Fiji and France also getting a win over Romania.

We then had a great Thursday and Friday with great turn out for the locals annual Thursday drinks and the All Blacks v Namibia match, which ended just as expected and Friday treated us to our loyal end of work drinks and a massive win from Argentina over Georgia!!

But then we get to the big day! Saturday started well with locals coming in for the early games of Italy v Canada followed by a bigger crowd for South Africa’s win over Samoa.

We then filled out for the main event of the day, which was a true grueling battle as expected with everyone enjoying a great 1st half, which should have sealed us up the win!!

Unfortunately England had a bit of a shoddy 2nd half showing no real fight or desire to win which at the end had us lose by just 3 points. The pub stayed busy with our great locals and Rugby crowd still optimistic for next week’s game against a strong Wallabies team!!

To finish of a great week we had Sunday’s games giving us the biggest winning margin of the tournament so far with Australia beating Uruguay 65-3!!

We then got in a good group of scots in for the next game of Scotland v USA which even with a less than ideal 1st half result came back to win quite convincingly.

Our last game of the week was Ireland v Romania, which was a strong performance for Ireland with Romania getting only one try in the dying minutes of the game!

We finished up the day with some good NFL games with our usual Sunday night locals finishing the week with a few beers and a pizza.

So we have survived 2 weeks of RWC 2015 and we are ready to brave week 3!!!

We have no rugby until Thursday when we will have Wales v Fiji (Hopefully they can play this game without getting more injuries).

We also have all the action from the Champions League’s second legs starting on Tuesday, continuing Wednesday with both big games being shown on the big screen in HD!!

We look forward to seeing everyone!!!

Matthew Hack
Manager, Royal Standard