Charity Darts Night at the Royal Standard, Wandsworth

Charity Darts event goes down a storm!


Charity Darts Night at the Royal Standard, WandsworthAs our regulars will know, we were closed on Thursday 1st May for a special Charity Darts Function.  We had a very good attendance of about 50+Guys taking part in 2 tournaments of darts golf.  It was a thrilling tournament with a simple format that included 2 winners from 2 groups.  The 1st group had the players with the highest scores in the 1st round and the winner won a big trophy.   The 2nd group had the players that had the lower scores in the 1st round and the winner won a plate.

A good game of darts was had by all, but the main function of the night was to raise money for their charity POD which supports children in  hospitals and entertain the sick children.  They have estimated to have collected over £3000 for the charity through the event from tickets sold for the night and 2 raffles they held on the night.

Thanks to everyone that supported the event and to Mr Ben Toone for organising.  A great night was had and a lot of money raised for a very worthwhile charity.


About POD

Margaret Munford MBE has run POD Childrens Charity since 1990 and was awarded her MBE for services to POD Childrens Charity in 2012.
The name POD came about through the seeds of FUN, MAGIC and LAUGHTER being contained within a POD. POD Childrens Charity was founded in 1977 by David Jamilly who remains Chair of Trustees.

POD Childrens Charity is a nationwide charity which organizes entertainment for children in hospital.
POD Childrens Charity helps to alleviate the trauma of a hospital stay by sowing the seeds of fun, laughter and feeling better.  POD Childrens Charity magicians, puppeteers, musicians and clowns bring a little magic, fun and laughter into the lives of children in hospital. They give monthly shows in over 150 hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

POD Childrens Charity has always believed that happy children get better quicker.  When POD was founded in 1977 hospitals gave little thought to the emotional needs of sick children.  In those days longer term hospital stays were more common.  Visiting times for parents were restricted and outside stimulus for children in hospitals was almost unheard of.have changed dramatically and POD Childrens Charity is proud to have been part of the progress in the thinking, attitude and approach to children in hospital.

With lots of help from so many people, POD’s dream is nearly complete as we already work in 80% of the relevant hospitals and we are now looking to the future – a 100% coverage and more secure longer-term funding so that POD’s good work can continue into perpetuity.